Innovation Mindset

CPS innovations are transforming the way our customers work across all lines of their business workflows.


Innovation is more than cutting edge technology, it is a mindset to bring creative and data driven solutions that reduce risk and provide value to the business mission.

Health IT Imaging

CPS has provided Health Imaging Interoperability to enterprise and cross-community environments through PACS integration solutions. Our own PACSIntegrator and Concieo HealthVue products are a suite of software, services and processes that enables the sharing and standardization of heterogeneous digital medical imagery across an enterprise. CPS utilizes adapters built upon a robust kernel that encapsulates communications to provide a vendor neutral, technology neutral and protocol neutral solution. This flexible architecture enables integration with existing electronic medical systems and PACS systems thus enabling seamless embedding of digital imagery into patient records. By utilizing the capabilities of the PACSIntegrator, medical imagery integration can expand to the enterprise level and beyond.

As a testament to our expanding capabilities, we have partnered with IBM Watson Health (Merge Healthcare) to provide our federal customers with radiology, cardiology, hemo, and eye care solutions. Watson Health delivers value to their customers through its enterprise solution for digital medical content, images, waveforms, video, audio, document management and reports. It couples its advanced technology with a comprehensive set of customer success programs designed to achieve business results, including quicker care response, enhanced patient care, improved productivity and reduced costs. IBM Watson Health (Merge Healthcare) products including Radiology, Cardiology, VNA, and iConnect are available to federal customers through the CPS GSA IT 70 Schedule.

  • 100% standards based for interoperability (DICOM, HL7, IHE Interfaces)
  • Scalable Solution that meets the needs of small clinics, hospitals and to cross-community enterprises
  • Radiology reports and images available together
  • Image streaming even when cross-community for high-performance image availability
  • Intelligent study historical pre-fetching
  • First ever bi-directional DoD and VA radiology imagery exchange
  • Fully correlated patient demographics and ids across DoD and VA systems
  • Tailored implementations for both Clinicians and Radiologist

Wide Area Wi-Fi

CPS provides a revolutionary Wi-Fi solution that combines enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, long range outdoor capabilities, centralized management and value pricing. Our Wireless Mesh Technology creates a highly scalable, end-to-end system of devices spanning multiple locations across the world - all controlled by a single interface accessed via the Internet or local network.

  • Enterprise Performance: 802.11ac protocol, 1300 Mbps speeds and links of up to 122m
  • Long Range: 5 and 2.4 GHz wireless networks for long range high-density areas where backend fiber and CAT is not feasible
  • Centralized Management: Manage your long range and local wireless networks from a single management console.
  • Scalable mesh architecture that allows coverage in low and high density environments
  • Guest Access with options for free and paid access
  • Enterprise WPA (TKIP) and WPA2 (CCMP) Encryption with EAP Authentication
  • Successful deployment of High-speed long range Wireless LAN where running Fiber or CAT is not possible
  • Wi-Fi coverage of large indoor and outdoor areas
  • Centralized management of separate Wi-Fi deployment locations

Interactive Training

CPS provides comprehensive training solutions with a focus on engagement and interaction. CPS embraces the ‘7 learning styles’ and therefor provides multiple mediums, such as written text, graphics, video and live sessions, to promote learner engagement and training retention.

Video Production

Videos have proven to be a successful self-help training medium for our federal customers especially those with a target audience from the rising generation. Our training video support includes:

  • Demonstration Videos
  • Screencast Videos
  • Presenter Videos
  • New Employee Videos

Live Sessions (Webcasting)

Live Session/Webcasting capabilities within out Interactive Training toolset has become a way of engaging our training audience in a very cost-effective and interactive manner. It surpasses the traditional hosted conference calls in that the viewing audience becomes more engaged and interactive by the use of feedback options (e.g. chat rooms) during the event.

Proven Process
  1. Define Objectives
  2. Audience Research
  3. Define Core Message
  4. Develop Story
  5. Develop Script
  6. Film & Edit
  7. Publish
  8. Monitor Success
  • Integration with popular LMS systems (Docebo, Talent, Adobe, LearnUpon)
  • Broad range of end-user device support (YouTube, LiveStream)
  • Increase in self-help education adoption

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